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Success Doesn't Come By Chance, It's The Fruit Of A Well Thought Out Strategy

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Journey To 

Business Development and Growth

Embarking on the journey of business development, laying the foundation for a transformative expedition.

In the initial stages, it was all about the grind – late nights, challenges, and the burning desire to turn e-commerce dreams into a reality. This phase marked the foundation, where each hurdle became a lesson and every success a milestone.

Director of Growth

Steering the course, mapping out a direction for sustainable growth in the e-commerce landscape.

Now the journey evolved further. Things begin to change and efforts put into planning and innovation are paying off. The path of growth is clearer now with strategic moves. In this phase the focus shifts from survival to significance. As I progressed along with my team, the recognition of our efforts started to materialize, showcasing the solid foundation we had built. Beyond mere growth, the emphasis now was on purposeful progress. It’s not just about climbing the ladder, it’s about moving deliberately towards success. The journey is no longer alone, it’s a shared experience with a team moving together

Chief Operating Officer

Taking the controls as Chief Operating Officer, leading a collective ascent to new heights of success at Hive Metrics.

Now, the narrative shifts to leadership, not just me, but us. Leading a team, and guiding them to success, it’s the pinnacle of the journey. From the struggles of the starting line to the strategic steps, the journey has led to a place of influence and impact. Yet, the true glory is not in reaching the top alone but in extending a helping hand to bring others up. As the Chief Operating Officer, it’s not just about navigating, it’s about empowering others to ascend collectively.

Ecommerce expert Umair arshad

Know about Umair Arshad

Umair Arshad stands as a seasoned e-commerce expert with over a decade of hands-on experience in e-commerce, digital marketing, and SEO. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Hive Metrics, he not only oversees strategic direction and e-commerce operations but also plays a pivotal role in digital marketing and branding initiatives.

Umair’s journey has been enriched by his background in web development, community management, client servicing, and performance marketing, giving him a profound understanding of online market dynamics, customer behavior, and industry trends. His mission extends beyond individual success to actively guiding young entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry.

As a digital marketing expert and Shopify expert, he proves to be a versatile and invaluable asset in the realm of digital business. His gradual evolution towards thought leadership is a testament to his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and sharing that knowledge. Umair’s philosophy centers on the idea that collective learning and knowledge exchange are crucial drivers for success in digital commerce.


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"Empowering Youth 
Navigating the Path to E-Commerce Success"


"Strategy is the main key that opens the door to success”


“Genius without an idea is like a ship without a compass, directionless."



"True leadership isn't measured by personal achievements but by the progress of the collective."

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Umair Arshad - Ecommerce Expert
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